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Friday, June 21, 2013

"Li sou san" or "li sou sa"? ede m ;)

How are you using it?

sou san advin a good mood

Li sou san l jodi a.
He's in a good mood today.

Ou te pran kèk bon nouvèl?  Mwen wè' w sou san w jodi a.
Did you get some good news?  I see that you're in a good mood today.

sou sa → willing, in the mood, cheerful
Pa pale avè'm.  M pa sou sa jodi a.
Don't talk to me.  I' m not in the mood today.

You can replace "sa" in "sou sa" with a noun:
M pa sou jwèt jodi a. - I'm not in the mood to play.
M pa sou blag jodi a - I'm not in the mood to joke.
M pa sou zafè pale jodi a - I'm not in the mood to talk.
M pa sou sa.  - I'm not in the mood
M pa't sou sa. - I wasn't in the mood.
Ou toujou sou rans - You're always in the mood to joke around

Depi ou wè li pa sou pale, konnen li gen yon problèm.
If he's not in the mood to talk, it means that he has a problem.

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