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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madanm, Are the billions written as: de milya twa milya sis milya uit milya ETC? Mesi anpil.

We also say dèmilya de moun billions of people; yon milya de dola a billion dollars
We TEND to put "de" after milya sometimes.

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  1. Madanm,

    When you can, would you tell me what the Kreyol word for "trillion" is; I cannot find
    it anywhere, and give me an example with
    6 trillion and 8 trillion?

    Mesi anpil.

    1. We say trilyon
      6 trillion - sis trilyon
      8 trillion - uit trilyon

  2. Mandaly,

    Are "venteyenmil, tranteyenmil and dizuimil, vennsismil,
    ventuimil correct? Se korek? If not, which ones are not
    correct? And if any are not correct, then what are they supposed to be? From here on, I should be able to figure
    the numbers (nimewo yo) out on my own, unless I am way off here. The only other thing is, am I combining number words
    correctly? Please take your time in responding as I will
    not be back home until late tonight.

    Mesi anpil Madanm.

  3. Oke dakò :)

    They are all correct.
    Sometimes we write 'vennsimil'. You might find that we write "vennsimil" more than "vennsismil".

  4. Mandaly,

    One last question on numbers. "Katreven mil, katreven en mil,
    katreven sis mil, katreven ui mil and katreven dizui mil";
    and so forth. Se korek? It is the 80's and 90's that I cannot figure out. I promise this is my last question about numbers! Wait one more question! While you are at it,
    what is the Kreyol word for "quadtrillion"; just curious?

    Mesi annnpilll.

    1. M'espere se pa dènye kesyon ou :)

      Wi, nimewo ou ekri yo kòrèk:
      katreven mil
      katreven en mil
      katrevende mil
      katreventwa mil
      katrevenkat mil
      katrevensenk mil
      katrevensi mil oubyen (katrevensis mil)
      katrevensèt mil
      katreven ui mil (katreventui mil)
      katrevennèf mil
      katrevendi mil oubyen (katrevendis mil)
      katreven onz mil
      katrevendouz mil
      katreventrèz mil
      katrevenkatòz mil
      katrevenkenz mil
      katrevensèz mil
      katrevendisèt mil
      katrevendizui mil
      katrevendiznèf mil

      a quadrillion → yon milyon de trilyon