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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madanm, In the sentence, "M ka ba ou senkannsenk (ou, oswa, osnon e oubyen) swasannsenk goud. Are the words for "or" in brackets ALL interchangeable? In other words, is each of the four words correct in this sentence? Mesi anpil.

Yes they are.
Or - ou, oubyen, onswa, ouswa, osinon, osnon

These conjunctions can also be used to translate:

osnon  (osinon) → or, otherwise, or rather
1. Lè yon fanmi w osinon yon zanmi w trayi w, sa kapab afekte anpil.
    When a family or a friend betrays you, that can affect you a lot.

2. Tout sa mesye sa a di, kit se byen osnon mal, moun toujou aplodi l.
    Everything this man says, whether is good or bad, people always applaud him.

Ou/oubyen/onswa ... ou/oubyen/onswa → either ... or

3.  Onswa ou sèvi Bondye onswa ou sèvi lajan.  Ou pa kapab fè toude.
     Either you serve God or money.  You can't do both.

4.Oubyen ou menm onswa mari w ka vin chache l.
    Either you or your husband  can come pick it up.  

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