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Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Se pale pou ta pale ave li" What's going on with "pou ta"

In that sentence, try to concentrate on "SE POU" which means  let's, must, (indicates necessity, obligation)
as in:
Se pou w marye - You should marry
Se pou w manje pou pa megri. - You should eat so you don't get skinny.
Se pa pou w fè sa. - You must not (shouldn't do that)
Se pou li pale ak fanm nan. - He should talk to the woman.
Se pou nou priye pou yo. - We must pray for them.

Kisa pou m fè? - What must I do?
Se pou w ale. - You must go.
Kisa pou m di l? - What must I tell her.
Se pa pou di l anyen. - You must tell her nothing.
Kisa pou m pote pou ou? - What should bring for you?
Se pou w pote yon boutèy diven pou mwen. - You must bring me a bottle of wine.

Then carry your attention to the tenses; "ta" → should, would

Se pou w ta ale.
Se ale pou w ta ale.
You should go.
You should have gone. (depending on context)

Se pou n ta di l laverite.
Se di pou n ta di l laverite
We should tell her the truth

Se pou w ta pale avè li.
Se pale pou w ta pale avè li.
You should talk to him/her.

Se pou w ta wè sa.
Se pou w ta wè sa.
You should have seen this.

Se pou w ta la.
Se la pou w ta la.
You should have been there.

Se pou l ta pran remèd la pou l santi l miyò.
Se pran pou l ta pran remèd la ou l santi l miyò.
He should take the medication in order to feel better.

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