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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yon ti dejene nan restoran an (AUDIO)

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-Bonjou mesye.  Byenveni nan restoran nou an.  Kisa w ta renmen pran jodi a?
 Good morning sir.  Welcome to our restaurant.  What would like to have today?

-Kisa w genyen kòm bwason matmwazèl?
 What do you have for drinks miss?

-Nou genyen kafe, te, kola, ak bwason alkòl.
 We have coffee, tea, sodas, and alcoholic drinks.

-Ban m yon kafe trè fò silvouplè.
  Give a a very strong coffee please.

-Dakò. W’ap eseye reveye’w?
  Okay,  Are you trying to wake up?

-Wi.  M te pase yon nuit blanch yèswa.
  Yes. I had a sleepless night last night.

-M’espere kafe a va ede w. Eske w’ap pran dejene avèk nou?
 I hope the coffee will help. Will you have breakfast with us?

-Wi silvouplè.  Mwen ta renmen yon bòl fwi ak yogout.
  Yes please.  I'd like a bowl of fruits with yogurt.

-Dezole mesye, nou pa gen yogout pou kounye a.  Eske ou ta renmen fwi yo san yogout la?
 Sorry sir, we do not have any yogurt at this time.  Would you like the fruits without the yogurt?

-Non. Ban mwen yon sandwich ze ak janbon pito.
 No.  Give me a ham and egg sandwich instead.

-Dakò. Eske ou ta renmen ajoute zonyon ak tomat nan sandwich la, mesye?
 Okay.  Would you like to add onions and tomatoes to the sandwich sir?

-Si zonyon an griye, ou mèt ajoute l, men mwen pa vle tomat.
  If the onion is grilled, you may add it, but I do not want tomatoes.

-Dakò. Eske ou ta renmen anyen ankò?
  All right.  Would you like anything else?

-Non se tout.  Eske ou te ka pote kafe a anpremye silvouplè?
 No that's all.  Could you bring the coffee first please?

-Wi, mesye kafe a ap vini tousuit.
  Yes sir, the coffee will come right away.

-Mèsi madmwazèl.
 Thanks miss.

-Bon apeti mesye.
  Enjoy your meal sir.

Track: An Limyè by Jocelyne Béroard

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  1. Mwen renmen sa a anoil.
    Mesi !
    (kamsa hamnida)

  2. Understood 90% of it without reading the transcript first, just had to go back and look at the lines about sleeplessness. Thanks!

  3. Yes, this was another fun dialog. I felt like I was right in the restaurant!