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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I found these questions in one of your exercises, but I don't understand what they mean. "Ki kote ou moun? Ki bò papa ou moun?" Can you help? Thanks!

In that type of sentence moun translates into ... 'to be from'

Ki kote ou moun?
Where are you from? / Where do you originate from?

Kibò papa w moun?
Where's your father from?

Kibò manman w moun?
Where's your mom from?

Mwen se moun New York.
I am from New york.

Papa m se moun Kanada.
My father is from Canada.

Epi manman m se moun Kiba.
And my mom's from Cuba.

Mwen se moun lavil.
I am from the city.

Li se moun nan mòn.
She is from the countryside.

Nou pa moun isit.
We are not from here.

Nou pa moun bò isit.  Kay nou anwo nan syèl la.
We are not from around here.  Our home is up in heaven.

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