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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I was asking a Haitian friend about the word malonet. Literally it seems that this word should mean dishonest, but in context it seems to be more like "hypocritical" or "representing oneself as something you are not." I asked this friend if the word was the same as ipokrizi. She said it was, just more intense than ipokrizi. Can you shed any more light on this?

malonèt adj:
I think the English words that best translate the Haitian Creole malonèt is unscrupulous, despicable, unrespectable, impertinent, ...
We often use the word malonèt to describe someone who is disrespectful.
So "yon moun malonèt" may be a hypocrite, a dishonest person,  and more.

Nanpwen moun malonèt pase madan Manno.
There's no one more despicable than Mrs. Manno.


Mesye a fè yon zak malonèt.
The guy did something really shameful.

fè malonèt intransitive verb
Yon moun ap fè malonèt.
Someone is being uncivil (or disrespectful)


Fè malonèt transitive verb
Fè yon moun malonèt.
To rebuff someone
To give someone a cold shoulder.

Mwen te mande Joe pou l ede m netwaye legliz la, men olye l ede m li te fè m malonèt.
I asked Joe to help me clean the church, but instead of helping me he rebuffed me.

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