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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mandaly, Is "Tann yon minit fi yo." the way to say "Wait a minute girls." (Hold on girls.). Maybe you could give another example of this? Mesi anpil.

When you say fi yo (the girls), it's being specific.
Tann yon minit fi yo.
Wait a minute the girls.

We could say instead:
Tann yon minit medam.
Wait a minit ladies.
Tann yon minit timoun. (if you're dealing with kids)

It's okay to omit the Creole definite article "yo" when using "zero article" in English.  Creole speakers will know that your noun is plural nevertheless.

Other examples:
Bonjou mesye.
Hello guys.
(It's not necessary to say Bonjou mesye yo)

Fanm pa renmen gason timid.
Women don't like shy men.

Chen pa chache zo devan pòt kay tayè.  
Dogs don't look for bones in front of the tailor's door.  

Se devan kay bouche chen chache zo.
Dogs look for bones in front of the butcher's door.

Li pi pito chat.  Li pa renmen chen menm.
She prefers cats.  She doesn't like dogs at all.

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