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Monday, September 2, 2013

Can you write out and translate the lyrics to a children's song that we hear? It's something like this: "Maria nan soley, ti poul, ti poul. Ti poul la, kanpe, leve." Thanks so much!

 Mayi a nan solèy: Chi poul! Chi poul! (The corn is in the sun.  Shoo chicken!  Shoo chicken!)
Mayi a nan solèy: Chi poul! Chi poul!
Ay! De men anlè! (both hands up)
De men sou kote! (both hands on the side)
Tonbe, leve, chita! (Fall, get up, stand up)
Ay! tonbe, leve, chita!
Bay piyay!
Bay piyay!
Piyay! manman piyay!

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  1. Thanks again! Piyay is like "a little something" right?

    1. piyay from French pillage means "free for all", free, or plunderage.
      Kids may use these phrases when dancing or jumping rope... "free for all!"

      Other ways to use the word PIYAY, for example we might say:

      Yo t'ap vann ipod yo pou $50.00 grenn. Tout moun fè piyay sou yo. Yo vann yo kou pate cho.
      They were selling the ipods at 50 bucks per unit. Everyone rushed to get them . They sold like hot cakes.

      a merchant might say:

      M pa ka ba w mango yo pou $2.00. M p'ap bay piyay.
      I can't give you the mangoes for 2 bucks. I'm not giving anything for free.