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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mandaly, this is like second message with same content...I don't want to be impolite or anything like that, so please don't be offended...I just wanna your subtle help in writing some witty or normal birthday greeting card for one year old boy, but in kreyol fashion.... Mesi davans, bel Manda

Happy birthday - bòn fèt

Today you turn one, I wish you many more birthdays.
Jodi a ou gen ennan, mwen swete ou anpil lòt anivèsè ankò.

I hope you had a good year.
M'espere premye ane ou te anfòm.

First birthday is always the best, but you'll never remember it.
Premye anivèsè nesans yo toujou pi bon, men ou p'ap janm sonje l.

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  1. Touch all the stars with your hand,so
    beautiful dreams will come true, may the sun always shine in your life, these are my wishes to you

    Please, translate this for me, Manda....You can slightly change it, if you feel the need...

    1. Dakò :)

      "Touche tout zetwal yo ak men ou, yo tèlman bèl rèv ou va tounen reyalite. Se pou solèy la briye nan lavi ou. Sa se souwè mwen pou ou."

      You can change touche with manyen; but I prefer touche here.

      And you change souwè with dezi.

      Pase bon jounen.

  2. awwwwwwwww you are like dream,Manda
    I am sending you subtle kisses, you deserve them more than you imagine ;)
    one more thing..this is what i will write on b-day greeting card...what do you think, should i use commas instead of dots or not

    1. You can you comma if you wish.

      Dakò :)
      Pase yon bon jounen.

  3. M, first sentence, ak men ou yo oubyen how you wrote it..i have feeling this comma comes after yo and before telman...thanks

    1. Non, it's "ak men ou, yo..." Just like I wrote it.
      We do not have to say "men ou yo".

  4. Se yon bon keksyon, e m remen repons ou yo, Mandaly; m pito repons nimewo kat!

    1. Awesome Dory:)


      Pase bon jounen Dory!

  5. yo before telman refers to stars, I guess....or not....that you puzzled me

    1. Yes. It is a subject pronoun.

      Kenbe la zanmi :)