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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"San" with or without further negation: "L ap jwenn ni san li pa kite kay la" or "L ap jwenn ni san li kite kay la" ?

In this example you do need the negation "pa".
You'll use "pa" if you use a subject after "san".
L'ap jwenn ni san li pa kite kay la. (He'll find it without leaving the house)
Nou pati san nou pa konnen kote nou t 'a prale. (We left without knowing where we were going.)
Li monte machin nan sa l pa peye. (She got into the car without paying)

But without the subject you may omit "pa":
L'ap jwenn ni san kite kay la.
Nou pati san konnen kote nou prale.
Li monte machin nan san peye.
Same translation as above.

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