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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonjou Mandaly! Quick question. Eske genyen moun ki di mo shobwa? Means root/tree stump in kreyol , but also refers to a relationship. My father and granma knew the meaning , but my mother was confused. I was told it was a saying moun andeyo di. Can I get some examples mesi anpil!

I am familiar with chouk bwa, souch bwa, or choukèt bwa which means tree stump.
It is very likely that 'cho bwa' is used in the outskirts of some regions of Haiti.

Chouk (souch, or choukèt) is a stump (of a tree, of a tooth); it is also the stub of a paper check …. yon souch chèk  a check stub

It can be used as a verb “chouke - to be planted, to be rooted

Lè madanm nan tande se zen k’ap bay anba tonèl la, li vin chouke kò l la, li pa janm deplase.

When the woman heard all the gossips spilled under the “straw” shed, she came and planted herself there and never moved.

byen kore, or byen chouke, or byen plante – firmly  rooted

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  1. Your amazing. How do you have time to answer so much quickly and accurately

    1. Thanks.
      I answer whenever I can :)

      Pase bon sware.