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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hello! I've read through quite a few of your entries about pral/prale/aprale. I think I'm understanding that pral/prale/aprale are a combination of ap + ale. If ap + ale works like other verbs + ale, it would mean "going," right? So then, do pral and ale get combined? Pral + another verb (like fè) would be "going to do," right? So does pral + ale combine to make a new word? Or does it remain "pral ale?" And does it mean "going to go?" Thanks!

Ap + another verb may indicate future or a progressive tense depending on the context such as:

Nou ap tann ou depi maten. – We’ve been waiting for you since this morning.

Nou ap vini wè w pita. – We’ll come to see you later.

Nou ap manje kounye a.  Nou pa ka vin chache w nan ayewopò a.  We’re eating now.  We can’t come pick you at the airport.

Pral / Prale (going to) – FUTURE

Nou pral danse. / Nou prale danse. – We’re going to dance.

Nou pral manje. / Nou prale manje. – We’re going to eat.

Nou pral dòmi. / Nou prale dòmi. – We’re going to sleep.


Pral ale (going to, going to go, will go)  /You can also use “Va ale” ….before a verb (as a verb helper).  As you already know “va” is a determiner for the future tense.  An example is: Nou va wè w demen. – We’ll see you tomorrow.

Nou pral al gade pou wè si yo toujou la. - We’re going to go see if they’re still there. Most often Haitians will simply say “pral” instead of “pral al”. It feels more natural.

Nou va al di yo sa. – We will go tell them.

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