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Monday, November 25, 2013

What expressions of courtesy that exist in creole? I have seen in the french language expressions such as these:....

"What expressions of courtesy that exist in creole? I have seen in
the french language expressions such as these:

(Veuillez)Avoir l'amabilité de + infinitive, avoir la bonté de + infinitive,
avoir la gentillesse de + infinitive, avoir l'obligeance de + infinitive, avoir
la politesse de + infinitive, etc. Seriez si bon de + infinitive, seriez si poli
de + infinitive, seriez si gentil de + infinitive, etc.

In Spanish language, Tener la amabilidad/bondad/cortesia/gentileza/fineza de +
infinitive, hacer el favor/fineza de + infinitive, etc.

In English, there are: would you be so good/kind/polite/helpful/courteous/gracious/friendly/amiable/etc
+ as + infinitive. Have the goodness/kindness/amiability/courtesy/politeness in
+ present participle. Would you be a dear..... could you be a dear......

I know that all these polite expressions in these languages are formal versions
of "please". I know in creole, we have various words for please, but I want to
know if there are phrasal or construction equivalents in creole. I'm fascinated
by these. As you already know, I love to know other ways of expressing the same
idea. Could you provide these courtesy constructions if they exist? Also, what
are other words  for "so" as an intensifier? I know that in this context, "so"
translates "tèlman" but what are other words that could replace it?


"Would you be so kind as to help carry the groceries in my car?"

"Have the courtesy in sitting down immediately."

"Would you be a dear in lending me some money to pay for my books?"

I hope I make sense. Sometimes my head is jumbled with a lot of ideas. Feel free
to add more and be as detailed as you can."


Ou fè anpil sans, men kesyon ou an sanble li genyen plizyè pati.  Gen moun ki ta di w Ayisyen pa nan tout koze siplikasyon sa yo, men se pa vre.  Chak peyi gen fason pa yo pou eksprime jantiyès. Ayiti pa fè eksepsyon. 

Aysiyen va di w:

Tanpri souple….

Rann mwen yon sèvis tanpri…

Rann mwen yon sèvis tanpri ti cheri a

Mwen soupriye w an gras, fè sa pou mwen …..

Fè m plezi e rann mwen yon sèvis….

Some people may even say:

Fè kè m kontan e rann mwen tèl sèvis…..

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