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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where to buy Soursop in Georgia?

If there are Haitians or Spanish in the area, chances are you will find it there.
In a Haitian store, it will be in the produce section.  In any regular American grocery store, you'll find it in the freezer section where all the frozen ethnic foods are.  It will be under the name Guanabana (spanish).  They also have the papaya.  And they are very good when you make them into a smoothie with your blender.
You may add milk, strawberies, yogurt, and it's delicious.... It'll take you back to tropical Haiti - The only difference is, you have electricity and you don't have to mash it with a spoon to blend it :)

They also have it this juice in a can, but the canned juice doesn't have the "smoothie" consistency that we're used to in Haiti.

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  1. Yeah, I learned that "soursop" was guanabana in spanish when my mother was in a health and rehab center a couple of months ago. I used to get her a soursop milkshake almost everyday. Now, at home, I make a her a soursop milkshake every night because it is good and it is good for cancer, which she has. If you didn't know, "soursop" is called "kowosòl" in Haitian creole.

    1. Thanks "Kal".
      Unfortunately we can't find it under that in major store. At least not yet :)

  2. Guanabana is really perfect as smoothie. It could really make into refreshing drink. And I guess one great thing about guanabana is it has an anti-cancer property.