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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mandaly. I have finished the Pimsleur HC course. I think this course gives one the basics on which to expand one's self. Thank God that the verbs in Kreyol make the journey much faster to learn. But the idioms in Kreyol to me are more difficult to master. Anyway, I am now going to hit the materials on your website exclusively. I will be going to Ayiti in April, so I will be able to jump-start my Kreyol. While doing the Pimsleur Method, I spent a lot of time with grammar, so I completely know the spelling of HC and its rules. My Brown Creole cousin, who sent me off in this direction, was brilliant for prodding me into learning HC. Now for my question: Is "ta" in H. Kreyol considered a verb marker? I know this sounds juvenile, but I am trying to get the past, present and future tenses down first, and then move on to other tenses. But, I am not sure where "ta" (if it is a verb marker) fits in. Mesi anpil.

Hi Mr. Rachal.  Anpil konpliman pou ou!
I am so glad that you kept at it.  Some people swear by the Pimsleur method.  I can tell that it has been very helpful to you.  As far as the idioms are concerned, there are so many of them, but you will soon get acquainted with them once you start communicating with Creole speakers and you’ll start to notice the ones we use most – and how we use them.  In your Creole conversations you’ll soon start to use them too.

I am excited about your upcoming trip.  And I know you are too.  Be safe and alert always.

Tadeterminer for conditional tenses - WOULD, SHOULD

1. M ta manje mango a si m te kapab. I would eat the mango if I could.

2. M ta di w sa m panse osijè ou men m pito fèmen bouch mwen. – I would tell you what I think of you but I rather keep my mouth shut

3. Gade moun sa yo k’ap dòmi anba pon an. Nou ta dwe ede yo. – Look at these people sleeping under the bridge.  We should help them.

4. Mwen renmen timoun yo twòp. M pa ta ka fè yo sa. – I love the kids too much.  I could not do that to them.

5. Si m te genyen nan lotri a m ta va kite travay mwen. – If I won the lottery I would quit my job.

6. Si fanm nan te renmen w tout bon, li ta gentan la deja. – If the woman really loved you she would have already been there.


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