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Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm learning H Creole straight from Haitians and it's awesome! However...I'd like to make sure I'm not swearing and cursing and talking dirty without realizing it :( Can you give me a heads up on what I should NOT be saying, so that I don't have a potty mouth ???

Heads up: Swearing and cursing may happen unintentionally – not just with dirty words but with some Creole terms that you put together and chances are you will offend no one because you are learning.  Haitians will most likely correct you and teach you better word choices. 

As far as things that you should not say is concerned, it can be a long list.  It may as well be innocent words translated from a dictionary such as “granmoun” means “adult” in Creole, and some people may prefer to be called “pèsonaj” (which is a translation for “mature person” or “adult” in English).  Or you may be seeing “jenès” which is Haitian Creole for “youth”, but it also translates “prostitute”.  So learning to say the right words (or not to say the wrong words) is definitely a learn-as-you-go type of thing. 

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