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Friday, January 31, 2014

Can I say "Bonjou sòt Tijan" For "Bonjou FROM Tijan"?

No. It wouldn’t sound right.  Not for this specific expression.

We do use SOT to translate “from” such as in:

Sot isit la al laba a. – From here to there

Soti Miami rive New York. – From Miami to New York.

Soti anlè a rive jouk atè a. – From up there all the way to the floor


But sentences such as: “From me to you” or “Hello from Tijan” may have to be rephrased. Translating “from” with “sot” doesn’t work too well here.

You CAN, however,  say:  

Bonjou! Soti depi …(a location)


Soti nan bouch Tijan, resevwa yon bèl bonjou!

M’ap voye yon gwo kout chapo pou ou soti depi …(a location).

Tijan salye w

M wete chapo m

Tijan di Onè Respè

Kè m salye w.

It seems that I'm a little far off the intended greeting effect:) Can you think of anything else?


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