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Friday, January 31, 2014

Are tout tan and toutotan the same? Please give the translation and examples for the correct usage of toutotan. Thanks!

Tout tanall the time, always, forever
1. Tèt mwen ap fè m mal tout tan. – My head hurts all the time.

2. Nou va viv pou tout tan. – We will live forever.

3. Se tout tan m’ap di l sa. – I tell him that all the time


Tout tan and toutotan as long as, as much as, equally as

4. Toutotan w’ap ede l lap rete nan kondisyon sa a. – As long as you’re helping him, he’ll remain in this condition.

5. Tanpri ede m toutotan w kapab . – Please help me as much as you can

6. Toutotan l t’ap pale dlo t’ap kouri nan je l. – As she was talking tears were rolling down her eyes.

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