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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hi can you provide some examples on how to use the word ‘blanch’ when it means empty? Thanks for all you do.

The Haitian Creole word blanch translates white (female).  It's not used for all feminine words, just a few.  You can always say BLAN instead of BLANCH:
cheve blan or cheve blanch
yon fanm blanch
dan blan or dan blanch

Blanch –lacking, barren, vacant, devoid of ….

1. Nou manje diri a blanchWe ate the rice plain. (the rice lacks rich meat sauces, legumes, bean sauces, etc….)
      Now if we do say diri blan it means white rice.

2. Lari a blanch, pa gen okenn moun deyò a. – The streets are vacant, there’s no one outside.
3. M pase yon nuit blanch yèswa. - I had a sleepless night last night.

4. Ban m kay la blanch tanpri. - Vacate the house please.

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