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Monday, February 17, 2014

I know you can use "se" to mean "it is." Like "Se yon bèl jounen." I know that you can make it past tense by saying, "Se te yon bèl jounen." Can you put "se" with other tenses? Se pral... or Se ap...?? Thanks!

Yes we can, Men kèk egzanp:

Se pral yon gran jou.

Se va yon gran jou.

Se ta pral yon bèl sipriz pou tout moun, men malerezman  yo te aprann nouvèl la. 

Se dwe te papa l ki ba l machin nan

Se ka yon move nouvèl li resevwa ki ba l gwo sezisman sa a.

 --As far as progressive is concerned, it can’t be done because it’s a passive voice.

It’s being washed. – Se lave y’ap lave’l

It’s being done right now. – Se fè y’ap fè’l kounye a.

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