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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mandalay, what do these two words mean and how do you use them? ata and ato (with a mark on "o)? mesi

Ataeven (adv) [not just …. but also

1.  Lè evènman dènye jou yo va pase, ata mò yo va leve sot nan tonm yo. – When the events of the Last Days take place even the dead will rise out of their tomb.
2.  Ambyans lan te tèlman bon ata polis yo ki t’ap  fè patwouy nan lari a te tonbe danse. – The ambiance was so good even the police that were patrolling the streets were dancing.
3.  Tout moun te sezi, ata mwen menm pa’t ka kwè sa nou te wè jou sa a. – Everyone was shocked even I couldn’t believe what we saw that day.
4.  You tout pral pase tan nan prizon, ata ou menm pral regrèt sa w te fè a. – They will all spend time in jail, even you will be sorry for what you did.
Atòthen (adv), so,  that time
5.  Si ou di ou kwè nan Li poukisa atò ou pa mete lafwa w nan Li?  If you say you believe in Him, why then don’t you put your faith in Him?
6.  Atò poukisa w’ap fè sa menm?So why are you doing this?
7.  Se lè nou wè lafimen an atò nou te kwè te gen yon dife.When we saw the smoke it is then we believed that there was a fire.
8.  Atò se sa w’ap mete pou al nan fèt la? – So that’s what you’re wearing to the party?


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  1. Awesome! Sometimes I find myself saying "ebyen" or using the english word "then" for ''then" for sentences like number 6. Now, since I know this word "atò", I have become aware of hearing my mom using the word. I didn't notice it before. By the way, are there other words in creole that are equivalents to "ata" and "atò" and are used in these contexts?

    1. Another Haitian Creole word used the same as “ata” is “menm”.

      Other Creole words use the same way as “atò” (adv) are alèkile, donk, kounye a, atòkile, sèjousi, etc… You can even use “kifèla” in sentence #6 instead of “atò”.