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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sa pou w fè m? - Sa pou w fè gode a?

Asking "What do you want of .....",, "What do you want with ..."?

Kisa pou w fè m?
Sa pou w fè m?
What do you want of me?
What do you need me for?

A lot of the times when someone calls your name.....
Janjan! (Johnjohn! :)
You answer ...
Plètil! (Yes!)
The person might yell out....
Vin jwenn mwen! (Come to me!)
And you will say...
Sa pou w fè m? (What do you need me for?)
It's a popular way to answer when someone calls on you ....even the Lord :)

Like Moses said unto the Lord :)
Sa pou m fè m Senyè?
What do you want of me Lord?

Your friend asks you for $100.00... you say..
Sa pou w fè lajan an?
What do you need the money for?

Or she asks you to borrow your car... and you say...
Sa pou w fè machin nan?
What do you need the car for?

Or you see your kid carrying a big hammer and heading for your piggy bank.... you say
Sa pou w fè gwo mato sa a?
What you going to do with this big hammer?

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