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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What does tonniskribót mean and how would it be used in a sentence?

That’s how some Haitians swear.

It can also be an exclamation .

Tonnè krizbòt mwen!” is a euphemism for  Tonnè kraze’m”, “Tonnè boule m

Literally it means “May thunder (lightning) strike me”.



1. Tonnè kraze m ou p’ap rantre nan kay la aswè a!


    Tonnè krizbòt mwen ou p’ap rantre nan kay la aswè a!

It means something like:

    I’ll be danmed if I let you in the house tonight


    May God strike me dead if I let you in the house tonight.


Here’s another example:

2. Tonnè krizbòt mwen tout sa m di ou la se vre!

    I swear to you everything I’ve said is the truth.


one more example:

3. Mesye sa a agase m.  Tonnè krizbòt mwen si l pwoche m m’ap kalote l.

    This man pisses me off.  I swear to you if he approaches me I’ll slap him.


or as an exclamation:

4. Mwen te rankontre ti dam nan apt 2 a nan fèt la yè swa, tonnè krizbòt mwen ti fi sa a konn danse vre!

   I met the girl in apt. 2 at the party last night, man! That girl can really dance!

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