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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What would "lap chachem kont" vle di an kreyol. Mesi! Also what does "kwake" vle di? I always hear that word but I can never really understand its meaning.

Chache kont – to tick off sb,  to push sb’s button, to ask for it, to provoke
Adding the subject between “chache” and “kont” indicates “who” is being ticked off.

L’ap chache m kont.
Li ap chache mwen kont (not contracted)
He’s ticking me off.

Poukisa w’ap chache l kont?
Why are you teasing him?

Si w chache chen an kont, l’ap mode w.
If you provoke the dog, he’ll bite you.


Kwake or kwakalthough

Kwake nou te fatige nou te ale nan fèt la kanmenm
Although we were tired we went to the party anyway.
Nou te kondui apeprè 8 km ak machin nan kwake kawoutyou devan an te pete
We drove approximately 5 miles with the car although the front tire blew.
Kwake prezidan an pa’t kenbe pawòl li sou pwomès li te fè, moun yo vote pou li kanmenm.
Even though the president didn’t keep his words on the promises that he made the people voted for him anyway

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