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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Madanm. When writing down "in Haiti" in Creole and "in the plane", should it be: "ann Ayiti" and "ann avyon", instead of "an Ayiti" and "an avyon"? The reason I ask is because in spoken form, there is a liaison between these two expressions. Am I right on this? Mesi bokou.

Yes you are right.  It comes from French articulation…. The liaison between “en” and the word that follows if it begins with a vowel or silent “h”.

We do say

“an Ayiti”  (from French “en Haiti) - in Haiti

 “an avyon” (from French “en avion”) - by plane


Other places you’ll see A French preposition being used are:

An Chin (from French “en Chine”) – in China

An Afrik (from French “en Afrique”) – In Africa


A Pari (from French “Á Paris”) – in Paris

O Kanada (from French “Au Canada”) – in Canada



Bak annaryè (from French “faire back en arrière”) – to step back


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  1. I've seen it with two "n"s... example "ann" instead of "ann". Is either okay? And, can't you just say, "nan"?

  2. Oops. That was supposed to be "ann" instead of "an".

  3. Yes we do use "ann". But you'll mostly see "an".
    Yes we can just say "nan", but most of the times it makes more sense to say "nan peyi".

    Men kèk egzanp:

    Nou pral Ayiti
    Nou pral nan peyi Ayiti.

    Li te fè yon kout pye an Ewòp
    Li te fè yon kout pye nan peyi Ewòp

    Apre li te fin pase senkan nan prizon yo te voye l tounen Ayiti
    Apre li te fin pase senkan nan prizon yo te voye l tounen nan peyi Ayiti

    Apre nou vizite Etazini, n’ap fè on ti kout pye Kanada
    Apre nou vizite Etazini, n’ap fè on ti kout pye nan peyi Kanada

    Ane pwochèn reyinyon an ap fèt an Chin.
    Ane pwochèn reyinyon an ap fèt nan peyi Lachin.

  4. Super helpful. Thank you. I also found your post at: to be very helpful also, especially in the comment section.