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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hi Mandaly! Can you please help me with this fraz. "Misye te kouche nan lopital la e pandan li kouche a ap pase soufrans, chanmyel vini nan chanm kel te ye a e yo kouvri tout ko misye net. Tou kareman misye vin mouri apre. Ala mechan!" Ok what would the world "chanmyel" or maybe it's "channmyel/ chan myel" vle di an H.creole? I think the word might have a French origin and I don't quite think the fraz is talking about "siwo myel" either. Ede m silvouple Mandaly!!

I think they might mean chanprèl or chanpwèl which is synonymous with lougawou, bòkò, move je (evil people, evil spirit, band of malicious people)

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