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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pou valè moun k'ap chache sekrè lavi a enpi se ou k jwenn ni. please translate 'vale" in detail.

Valè, in Haitian Creole, translates worth, value, cost, price

It also translates many, so many, plenty, an abundance, a large number

We’ll concentrate on this second translation as this is what’s used in the audio post.

Here are some examples of using “valè” to translate ….many or a large number, …. As it is used in the audio post:

In these first groups of examples, we use it to say “large quantity”:
Gen yon valè moun ki pa konn li nan peyi sa a. – There are a number of people that do not know how to read in this country.
Mwen gen yon valè bib lakay mwen, m’a prete w youn. - I have many bibles at home, I’ll lend you one.


Sometimes we say “pou valè” – basically ….for the amount or because of the amount…..
Pou valè bagay mwen gen pou‘m fè jodi a, m pa kwè m’ap kapab ede w. Because of the many things I have to do today, I don’t think I’ll be able to help you.
Pou valè mechanste m tande ou fè, m pa kwè m ka fè w konfyans - For the amount of wickedness I’ve heard that you’ve committed I don’t think I can trust you.


And sometimes we use “Valè”  before a noun where it means …so many, many, a great undefined number, …
Valè moun ou genyen nan fanmi w, enpi ou pa't ka jwenn youn ki ka ede w - You have so many people in your family, and you couldn’t find one that can help you.
Valè malonèt yo fè w, enpi ou retounen isit la toujou.  Ou pa gen nen nan figi w. - In spite of all the insults thrown at you, you still come back here.  You have no shame.
Valè Ayisyen ki gen nan sal la, enpi pa menm gen youn ki ka pale yon bon Franse.  M twouve sa dwòl.. - All these Haitians in a room and not even one can speak perfect French.  I found that bizarre.

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