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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mandaly I'm confused about a conversation my friend and I had in Haiti about the words sal and salison.after she explained it to me i'm still confused. my question is, if it's sal then it's dirty but if its salison it can get dirty, but it’s not dirty? If I say my shoes are salison, will they ever get dirty at some point?

All shoes get dirty.  Don't they? :)
The word is "salisan".  "Salisan" means that it easily picks up dirt, or easily gets soiled
Stuff such as white carpet are "salisan", if you have busy kids or toddlers the carpet will be ruined before you have time to enjoy it.
Light-colored suede shoes, for example, are "salisan", you wear them just once and they already have scuff marks and mud stains on them.
Jeans, for example, are not "salisan". You could wear a pair of jeans for years and never wash it and  no one will notice.
Ou konprann?

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