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Sunday, March 30, 2014

“Pou valè moun k'ap chache sekrè lavi a” Can you translate?

Pou valè moun k’ap chache sekrè lavi a ….So many people looking for the secret of/to life, …


pou valè” or “valè” translates in English as “many” or “a great quantity”; may translate “so many/so much” at the beginning of a sentence in a dependent clause.

Valè machin ki sou wout la…. – So many cars on the road

Valè mizè l pase ak pitit la … - (she went through) so much difficulty with the child …

Valè malonèt yo fè m nan restoran sa a, m pa janm tounen al manje  la ankò. – (I have received) so many insults in this restaurant I’ll never go back to eat there.

Pou valè moun ki t’ap chache ti gason ki te pèdi a, yo dwe kontan anpil dèske yo jwenn ni. – There were so many people looking for the lost boy, they must be so happy to have found him.

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