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Thursday, March 20, 2014

We are learning about Haiti and a church/orphanage we support there with our church. I would like to make the kids "chokola Ayisyen" Haitian Hot Chocolate but I don't know how to make it (especially without a cocoa ball or stick). Do you have any suggestions or a different recipe?

To make the "chokola Ayisyen", boil the cocoa chunks whether it’s a ball or sticks in water. Use amount of water equal to the amount of hot chocolate that you want to serve.

Some people use a graj (grater) to pulverize the cocoa balls or sticks before they add water and boil them.  It melts better and faster that way.

Once it has melted, you may add milk (carnation milk or powdered milk are often used where there’s no fridge)

If you’re using coarse cocoa then you’ll have to strain it before adding a little sugar and cinnamon sticks or star anise spice to your hot chocolate.  We usually serve it with Haitian bread. 

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