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Saturday, March 22, 2014

“Li pa bon lò nou tann jouk li twò ta”. You don't need to use the word 'lo' to express. Can you explain ? kamsahamnida

, a conjunction like , can be used instead of “”.
when, during the time that, after which

1. Rele m lò w fini. Or Rele m lè w fini.
    Call me when you’re done.

2. N’a pale lò m rive. Or N’a pale lè m rive.
    We’ll talk when I get there.
3. Lò w wè tout fèy nan pye bwa koumanse  ap chanje koulè, sa vle di lotòn rive sou nou.
     When you see all the leaves start to change color this means that fall is upon us.

4. (your example):
Li    | pa | bon   | lò        | nou | tann | jouk | li  | twò | ta.
It’s |not | good | when  |we   |wait   |until  |it’s |too  |late.

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