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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello, Mandaly! I'm making steady progress through your lessons! Wa cheri mwen is SOOOO proud of me! Ha, ha! Anyway, I have a quick question. I seem to have hit a tiny snag--I have so much trouble pronouncing "w." I was like, OU is such a tiny word already! It's even SHORTER? :-O ha, ha. My question I HAVE to use contracted forms? Is it mandatory since you said Haitians commonly use it? Xoxo (One more do you pronounce your name? ^_^)

Bonjou zanmi :)
Keep up the progress
My name is pronounced Muh-n-dah-lee with the accent on the first syllable. Some of my friends call me Mandy. Close Haitian friends call me Manda or Mandarine :)

No you do not have to use contractions if you’re not ready for them.  What I usually tell people is that even though you don’t use them you do have to know what they sound like and how they’re used since people that are having conversations with you will be using them.

The best way to be familiar with them is to listen to a lot of Creole.   Here these three posts might be helpful to your specific question.  The first and third post contain audio:

Pase bon jounen J

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  1. Ahhh, YES! Okay. That's good to know. ^_^ I'll read and listen to these posts right away! Mèsi anpil, Mandaly!

  2. Bonjou AGAIN. Ha, ha. I just followed the link and read the information and copied it down into my notebook. Thanks for that! Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to your audio because the player isn't supported on my device. The only way I can listen along is with the downloadable audio lessons. What should I do about that?

    1. Try to go to the website via Google Chrome. That should help to see the audio button. Thanks.
      Pase yon bon jounen.