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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm reading through the creole songs in Chants D'esperance which seem to use an older style spelling. I can still recognize most of the words but I'm stuck on gnou - such as in "Gnou jou avan kouche soley." Also, are the last two words reversed from their normal order?

Gnou, youn, or yon – indefinite article a, an

Gnou jouone day
To answer your question, no it’s not reversed. It’s the possessive being used here.
kouche  /solèy / la
setting / sun / the
the setting of the sun

gnou  / jou / avan / kouche / solèy
a / day / before / laying / sun
one day before the setting of the sun
one day before sunset

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  1. Mèsi anpil!! The lights are finally coming on. Now that you broke it down like that it makes total sense – it’s neat to finally start filling in the gaps on things that have been stumping me! Thanks!