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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ki sa "Gendwa"?

Gen dwa – to be able, to be entitled, to have the right to, to be allowed

1. Ou gen dwa manje nenpòt sa w vle. – You may eat whatever you want.

2. Nou pa gen dwa jije moun senpleman sou aparans yo. – You should not judge people solely on their appearance.

3. Ou pa gen dwa fè sa. – You should not do that.

4. Konstitisyon peyi a di tout moun se moun, yo gen dwa pou yo viv lib. – The country’s constitution says that everyone is human, they have the right to live free.

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  1. I can not see where to post my own comment Loll how embarrassing... But i want to say thank you for creating this blog! My boyfriend finds it very frustrating teaching me kreyol hahahaa complains im too american. Today is our 2 year anniversary and he was surprised when i wrote him a love letter in kreyol hahaa i just laughed at im when he asked how. I hope i can give you a huge blessings of thanks one day so please continue to help and stay in touch!!

    1. Awesome. That's good news :)

      Keep it up!