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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I love the song "Ayiti Cheri", but there are so many expressions that are unfamiliar to me. For example what is the meaning of AYITI TOMA please? Or what's a MARABOU or a GRIFONN KREYOL? or a KAYIMIT?

Ayiti Toma is the African name of Haiti, meaning “this land is mine”.
Also you will sometimes hear Ayiti Kiskeya, which “Kiskeya” is Haiti’s Indian name

Grifòn refers to a dark-skinned Haitian woman born possibly of a light and dark-skinned individual.
Marabou is a dark-skinned woman with flawless skin, luxuriant hair and beautiful teeth that is rooted in violaceous  gums
Kayimit is a fruit with skin dark violet in color.  Looks like plum.

Haitians sometimes say “po kayimit” which means “refined and vibrant dark skin”
All are considered beautiful.

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