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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello! Thank you for the wonderful information about Haitian Creole!! I am from Brazil and I'm learning this beautiful language. I was reading something this morning and saw a verb tense that I couldn't associate with any other, it's: T APRAL. How am I to understand it? Eg.: "... pwojè sa a T APRAL kraze ... " (This is a portion of the text I read this morning.)

T’apral – te pral (was going to)

Mwen t’apral vizite li lopital la men yo te genten egzeyate l.
I was going to visit her at the hospital but she was already discharged

Pwojè sa a t’apral pwodui anpil travay nan kominote a
This project was going to produce a lot of jobs in the community

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