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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exercise 34 - Answers to Exercise 33

Here they are. The answers to questions in Exercise 33.
Please note the prepositions in the English translations.

1. Ki jou Zette te ale lekòl? (what day did Zette go to school?)
Answer: Zette te ale lekòl lendi. (Zette went to school on Monday)

2. Ki kote Zette te ale madi? (Where did Zette go on Tuesday?)
Answer: Madi Zette te ale nan plaj la. (Tuesday Zette went to the beach)
3. Kombyen zanmi Zette te fè madi? (How many friends did Zette make on Tuesday?)
Answer: Li te fè twa(3) zanmi madi. (She made three friends on Tuesday.)

4. Eske Zette te renmen fim nan? (Did Zette like the movie?)
Answer: Non. Li pa te renmen li. (No. She didn't like it.)

5. Ki jou Zette te ale nan konsè a? (what day did Zette go to the concert?)
Answer: Zette te ale nan konsè a jedi. (Zette went to concert on Thursday)

6. Ki kote Zette te ale vandredi? (where did Zette go on Friday?)
Answer: Vandredi Zette te ale kay yon dantis. (On Friday Zette went to a dentist)

7. Ki jan dantis la rele? (What was the dentist's name?)
Answer: Li te rele Felix. (His name was Felix)

8. Ki kote Zette te ale samdi? (where did Zette go on Saturday?)
Answer: Samdi Zette te ale nan yon jwèt foutbòl. (On Saturday Zette went to a soccer game)

9. Ki kote Zette te ale dimanch? (where did Zette go on Sunday)
Answer: Dimanch Zette te ale legliz. (On Sunday Zette went to church)

10. Kisa Zette ak Fanò te fè dimanch? (What did Zette and Fanò do on Sunday?)
Answer: Yo te marye. (They got married)

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