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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exercise 36 - Answer to Exercise 35

Here are the answers to the translation exercise in 35.

1. Katie and Joe went home on Friday.
1. Katie ak Joe te ale lakay yo vandredi.

2. Go home!
2. Ale lakay ou!

3. I will go home tonight.
3. M pral lakay mwen aswè-a.

4. In the movie, E.T. went home on a bike.
4. Nan fim nan E.T te ale lakay li sou yon bisiklèt.

5. Tata was hungry. She went home to eat.
5. Tata te grangou. Li te ale lakay li pou manje.

6. Don't look for Guito. He already went home this morning.
6. Pa chache Guito. Li gentan ale lakay li maten an.

7. The people went home hungry yesterday.
7. Moun yo ale lakay yo tou grangou yè.

8. It's late. You should go home.
8. Li ta. Ou dwe ale lakay ou.

9. It's raining. Stay home tonight.
9. Li ap fè lapli. Rete lakay ou aswè-a.

10. It's snowing. She stayed home.
10. Li ap fè nèj. Li te rete lakay li.

11. They stayed home.
11. Yo te rete lakay yo.

12. I was smart. I stayed home when it started raining yesterday.
12. M-te intelijan. M te rete lakay mwen lè li te kòmanse fè lapli yè.

13. We all stayed home on Monday.
13. Nou tout te rete lakay nou lendi.

14. Henry did go to the tennis game. He stayed home with his girlfriend.
14. Henry pa te ale nan jwèt tenis la. Li te rete lakay li ak menaj li a.

15. The birds flew home tonight.
15. Zwazo yo vole ale lakay yo aswè-a.