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Friday, March 4, 2011

Exercise 68 - Progressive Form (Part 1)

Bonjou! Kouman ou ye?

Present Progressive

Let us look at the progressive form in the present tense.
Please review the Haitian Creole Present tense (verbs, subjects and pronouns) in Lessons 13 and  Lesson 14 before you continue with this exercise.

Present progressive is formed by adding the progressive indicator 'ap' between the Haitian Creole subject and the verb.  Examples:
Mwen ap pale.
I am talking.

Nou ap tann.
We are waiting.

Yo ap jwee ansanm.
They are playing together.

Present tense - Mwen chante (I sing)
Present progressive - Mwen ap chante ( I am singing)

Present tense - li kouri (he runs)
Present progressive - li ap kouri (he's running)

Present tense - Lina manje yon mango (Lina eats a mango)
Present progressive - Lina ap manje yon mango (Lina is eating a mango)

"ap" is the determiner for the progressive form in Haitian Creole.

Here are some examples:
1. Yo ap pale Angle - They're speaking English
2. Nou ap priye - We are praying
3. Ou ap kondwi twò vit - You are driving too fast
4. Moun you ap chante - The people are singing
5. Mwen ap panse - I am thinking
Let's practice.  Translate the following sentences
1. We are walking.
2. She is writing
3. I am breathing
4. They are learning
5. Janine is reading
Answers are given below.

1.Nou ap mache  2.Li ap ekri  3.Mwen ap respire  4. Yo ap aprann  5.Janine ap li

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