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Friday, March 4, 2011

Exercise 69 - Progressive Form (Part 2)

Before continuing on with this exercise, please see PRESENT PROGRESSIVE PART 1.

Present Progressive and Contraction Forms

"ap" or "ape", the determiner for the progressive form, is almost always contracted together with the pronouns that it follows.
1. mwen ap becomes m'ap, m ap, map, m'ape
2. ou ap becomes w'ap, w ap, wap, w'ape
3. li ap becomes l'ap, l ap, lap, l'ape
4. nou ap becomes n'ap, n ap, nap, n'ape
5. yo ap becomes y'ap, y ap, yap, y'ape

1. we are working together - n'ap travay ansanm.
2. She is talking on the phone - l'ap pale nan telefòn
3. you are writing a letter - l'ap ekri yon lèt
4. I'm following you - m'ap swiv ou
5. they're fighting for freedom - y'ap goumen pou libète
Let's practice.  Using the contraction form, translate the following sentences.
1. I'm listening to you.
2. he is sleeping on the bed
3. they are crying
4. you are reading a book
5. We are dancing
Answers are given below.

1.m'ap koute w  2.l'ap dòmi sou kabann nan  3.y'ap kriye   4.w'ap li yon liv  5.n'ap danse

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