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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is there a creole phrase for "Keep doing what you're doing" (meaning you're already doing the good work, keep it up)

Keep doing what you're doing.
Kontinye fè sa w'ap fè a.

Keep it up, don't let up. (or is it don't let go?)
Kenbe la, pa lage
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  1. Great! Quick follow up question:
    What is the purpose of the "a" at the end of the first sentence ("...w'ap fe a")

    1. It's a definite article.
      It might be hard to translate it this way in English, but it comes through as:
      Kontinye fè sa w'ap fè a.
      Keep doing THE thing that you're doing.

      The definite article is usually placed at the very end of a sentence. Here's a link to why it is this way: Where do I place the definite article