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Friday, November 30, 2012

I am looking for a Haitian Creole Christmas religious folk song to use as part of a christmas show from around the world. Can you suggest one. I will need the sheet music

When you say RELIGIOUS, does that include Protestant, Roman Catholic, Voodooistic (not necessarily Satanic)?  There's a slight difference in Haiti.

For secular Christmas music (not necessarily traditional) - you'll find hundreds of songs from the KONKOU CHANTE NWÈL pool of songs from Haiti.

Most of the traditional Christmas songs that Haitian CHRISTIANS sing in CHURCH did not originate from Haiti.  Most of these were translated to French or Creole. But if you're looking for a popular H. Creole Christian song it would be Depi Lontan Nan Bètleyèm.

But for beautiful Haitian Creole Christmas folk songs, I'd recommend Nwèl Payizan or Nwèl Pou Yo from Claudette et Ti Pierre.  And I am sure every Haitian would agree that Lionel Benjamin's H. Creole  song Abdenwèl is a traditional classic.

For a music sheet of any of these songs, I can tell you right now that it will be almost impossible to find one that's readily available.
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  1. I sponsor a Haitian child that has requested a book of Christmas Songs in Creole. Do you know where I purchase such a book. Thanks!