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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Koman yo di "sòl egzanp kolekte lajan" an angle

Sòl  - susu

Sòl is a type of money saving system that Haitians and people from other Caribbean countries and countries fron the Arican continent use often.
A lot of people participate in it because it keeps them from spending money they're trying to put aside.

What is that Haitian Creole word sòl (in this context) anyway?
A group of people may start a sòl.... (for example: 10 people)
Each person in the group will be asked to pay a specific amount of money at a designated time... (for example: $500 every 1st of the month)
The sòl officer will collect the money from each person each month... (amounting to $5000.00 monthly)
Then each person will get paid "a hand" (the monthly amount) each month.
This round of sòl will be completed when everyone has been paid "a hand" (for ten people, it will last ten months if each person gets paid monthly)
Then if everyone within the group is comfortable with one another, then they start the sòl over again.

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  1. Sol in English is called Susu; which is originated from Africa

    1. Thank you!
      I'll add this too my list of vocab.

  2. Thank You For Useful Information.Very Nice Website.