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Sunday, December 30, 2012

How does one translate "in town" and "out of town"? For example, he is out of town on vacation. Another example, the president is in town today.

in town (as in passing by?) → depasaj, bò isi, bò isit, anba isit, nan vil la, nan kanton an

1. Will you be in town on Friday?
     Eske w'ap bò isit Vandredi?

2. Mwen bò isit pou de jou sèlman. Apre sa mwen dwe tounen lakay mwen.
    I'm in town for only two days, After that I must return home.

3. "Bonjou vwazen, ou depasaj?"
     "Wi, m anba isit pou sezon fèt la."
     "Hello neighbor, you're in town?"
     "Yes, I'm in town for the holidays."

4. Prezidan an bò isit la jodi a.
    Prezidan an nan vil la jodi a.
    The president is in town today.

Out of town (away) → pa isi, pa la

5. Li pa isi. Li an vakans
    He's out of town on vacation.

6. Mwen p'ap isi vandredi, se sa'k fè m p'ap ka vin nan fèt ou a.
    I'll be out of town on Friday, that's why I can't come to your party.

7. Poukisa ou chwazi yon kolèj ki pa lokal?
    Why did you choose an out-of-town college?

out of town visitors → etranje, moun ki depasaj

sometimes you'll hear, "moun isi" or "moun bò isit" which can mean native

8. Eske se moun isi ou ye? 
   Are you from here?

9. Mwen se moun isi.
   I'm from here.

10. Mwen pa moun bò isi.
      I'm not from around here

11. Nou pa moun bò isi, nou se etranje.
     We're not from here, we are visitors.

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