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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Can the word "pinga" be used as a noun? like a dare? "Li ban m yon pinga."?

Yon pinga → a warning; also it means alertness

1. Bay yon pinga.
    To give a warning.

2. Zengendlo pran lari.  Lapolis mete tout moun sou pinga yo.
   Gangs have taken to the streets.  The police has warned everyone. 

3. Rete sou pinga w.
    Maintain your vigilance.
    Stay alert/vigilant.
As far as "a dare" is concerned,
a dare → yon defi
to challenge someone → bay yon moun defi

4. M ba w defi parèt tèt ou devan kay mwen.
    I dare you to show yourself in front of my house.

5.  Mwen pa renmen moun ban m defi.
     I do not like to be challenged.

6. Satan ban m defi.  Li di m p'ap reyisi nan lavi a.  Men m va fè l wè se mantè li ye.
     ......OU mè tradui sa a....

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