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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I know chante is the verb "sing," but I've always been confused about how to say "song." I try "chan" because of "chan desperans," but it seems tone confusing to people. On your blog I noticed you used "chante" as a noun. Is that the best translation?

"a song" can be translated in Creole as:
yon chan (Haitians use this term very often)
yon chante
yon chanson
yon kantik
yon refren
yon ti kè (for a short melody)

I use "chan", "chante", and "kantik" most often.

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  1. Can you post the words to HERE I AM TO WORSHIP PLEASE:

    And here I am to worship,
    Here I am to bow down,
    Here I am to say that you're my God,
    You're altogether lovely,
    Altogether worthy,
    Altogether wonderful to me.

    1. check this link:
      Mwen vin pou m adore w (Here I am to worship)

      Limyè monn nan
      Ou te vini nan fè nwa
      Louvri je mwen pou’n ka wè
      Bondye limyè, kè'm adore ou
      Espwa lavi bò kote m

      Mwen vin adore ou
      Mwen vin met ajenou
      Mwen vin di w ke se ou ki bondye
      Ou Merite tout lanmou
      Ou merite tout glwa
      Ou vrèman mèvèye nan lavi m

      Wa pou tout tan m’ape leve ou byen wo
      Glwa ou ranpli tout syèl la
      Ou te desann sou latè
      Pou w te kreye tout bagay gras ak lanmou

      M’pat janm konnen konbyen l koute
      Lè m wè peche m yo sou lakwa
      M’pat janm konnen konbyen l koute
      Lè m wè peche m yo sou lakwa