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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kisa vle di "fè wonn pòt"?

That's actually one of my favorite expressions :)

wonn pòt (literally "make round door"; "go around the door)"  → to go anywhere, it's best explained in a sentence:

1. Mwen pa't fè wonn pòt.
    I didn't get as far as the door.
    I didn't go anywhere.

2. Misye te konnen lapolis t'ap chache li.  Li chita lakay li.  Li pa fè wonn pòt.
    He knew that the police were looking for him.  He stayed home.  He didn't go anywhere.

3. Tan an move deyò a. Lapli a mande anraje. M'ap rete nan kabann. M p'ap fè wonn pòt.
     The weather's bad outside.  It's raining cats and dogs. I'll stay in bed. I won't go anywhere.

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