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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What are words for 'to numb'(physically and emotionally/mentally)? "Use ice to numb the pain" or " The dentist gave me novocaine to numb my tooth before drilling, thank goodness." and "Being in an abusive romantic relationship for a long time has numbed her." or "The great pain that John has been in has numbed his friend, Peter."

numb (like anesthetized) → angoudi
numb (indifferent) → ensansib, endiferan, detache

1. My foot's asleep.
    M santi pye m angoudi.

2.  Use ice to numb the pain.
      Itilize glas pou diminye doulè a.
3. "Being in an abusive romantic relationship  for a long time has numbed her."
     "Tout tan li te pase nan relasyon abizan an te rann li endiferan."

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  1. What about 'numb' as a verb? What are some verbs that correspond to 'numb'?

    1. to numb → ankiloze, abay angoudisman, andòmi