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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What are some word synonyms for "tèlman" meaning "so"? .......

The terms I’m thinking of are not synonyms, but they are SOME of the many ways to express “so” or “so much”:  tèlman, sitèlman, tank, anpil, kalite, afòs, etc…

I’m using your examples here (except one that does not translate “SO MUCH”)

He is so nice to me. – Tank li ban m bon jan.

"I am so tired! I need to go to bed" – Afòs m fatige fò m al nan kabann

"I am so excited! I can’t wait!" – Kalite kontan m kontan sa! M pa ka tann

 “I’m so hungry. Can we get something to eat first?” – M grangou anpil.   Eske nou kapab al manje yon bagay anvan?

“He is so hot. I love Brad Pitt.” – M’renmen Brad Pitt. Tank li bo gason.

“I am so full. I can’t eat another bite!” – M pa ka manje anyen ankò tank vant mwen plen

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